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WildHoney [userpic]

One of those TV kinda days

September 2nd, 2007 (07:14 pm)

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current song: Paradise Hotel.....quality TV!

 I was going to go to Target today.  It's now 7:15 and I have yet to change out of my PJ's.  Chris and I did go to the ATM this morning, but I didn't need to change or get out of the car so....yeah.

The Cubs won.  Woo!  I watched most of Gone with the Wind today.  No, actually it was only 1/2 cause I turned it on after the war had ended and they were back at Tara.  Pa was just about to die.  Chris only had two comments for me.  One was this is an F-ed up movie and the other was Hey!  That's the Great Movie Ride music.  Uh...no.  It is Gone with the Wind music and they used it in The Great Movie Ride.  Thanks for playing though.

And then on the Fox Reality Chanel they have a marathon of Paradise Hotel on.  I never watched it before and let me tell you...it's shit.  Really, it sucks.  Oh and then the TV Guide Channel had on a One Year Remember the Crock Hunter Special.....wow.  Tears.  Can you believe it's been a year.  I cried.

College Football has started and now life is over.  At least on Saturday's.  But at least I know I'll get tailgate food once a week.  That's good stuff.  One good reason to love College Football season.  

Maybe I'll make it to Target tomorrow.


Posted by: beryswt (beryswt)
Posted at: September 14th, 2007 11:48 pm (UTC)

Hey Liz!!! I can't believe I logged into livejournal and there actually was an entry for me to read!!

Sorry I haven't called you back yet. I will give you a call tomorrow. I can't wait to catch up!

Miss you!!

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