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A letter.....long overdue!

October 1st, 2007 (06:24 pm)

current mood: irritated

 Dear hair,

I'm sorry to say this, but, you are really driving me insane.  I've tried everything I can to enhance the natural waves in you, but I just cannot control them!  Anti-frizz this and Anti-frizz that....no matter what it says, it doesn't help.  I'm beggining to think there is no hope.  I'm doomed to a life with frizzy hair that sometimes curls and sometimes doesn't.  

I'm sure the John Frieda company would thank you for the money I have, more or less, donated to them, seeing as their products have not done anything to tame you.  There are a number of other companies that I'm sure are pleased with you too, however, there are too many to name.  

Please know that this war is not over.  One day I will conqure you.  I will find the perfect combination of ridiculously expensive products to turn you into frizz-less, managable hair.  Until that day, you should know how lucky you have it.  I have never treated you with any chemicals and have rarely pointed a blowdryer your way.  I would have hoped you would reward me for such kindness and care.  

Your Caretaker,


Posted by: Avonlea Sawyer (kittyarcadia)
Posted at: October 3rd, 2007 02:36 am (UTC)

Nice icon selection, Miss Elizabeth!

Ok... So I have a serious problem with flyaways. You cannot tell this often though because I fully support "hairapy". Yes, that's right, I'm a Sunsilk girl...

You should try it. It's CHEAP, and it WORKS! Sunsilk, anti-frizz. Try it. Love it. (I think it's the yellow one.)

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